Kindle is 5 years old in Italy: 5 million titles, Milan, the city that reads more digitally


Kindle completes 5 years in Italy, and to celebrate offers a range of discounted titles for the day today and in the days to follow.

Today is not only the birthday of the popular eReader, but also of Kindle Store passed 1 million titles in 2011 to the current 5 million . Consider that the titles available beginning in Italian were just 16000 and now the Kindle Store is the most extensive catalog of eBooks with Italian more than 180,000 titles .

At the event, Amazon has tried to draw a map of the consumption in Italy identifying the most popular texts and areas of the country where you read more in digital format. And ‘then it emerged that is Camilleri the Italian author most widely read thanks to Montalbano stories, while among the authors emerges Elena Ferrante . In 2016, the most widely read book was rather The scent of tea leaves of Dinah Jefferies whereas in the space of five years the title of most successful was the train girl of Paula Hawkins .

From the geographical point of view, is the North-Centre to read more in digital, with Milan Trento and Verona in the first three positions. As for the cities above 100,000 inhabitants, after Milan are positioned Trieste, Padua, Bologna and Florence, and Naples only occupies the 19th place.

At the regional level, however, is the small Valle d’Aosta to occupy the top step of the podium, followed by Lombardy and Liguria.

Milan is finally the Italian city in which you are buying more Kindle eReader, followed by Padova, Rome, Trieste and Bologna.

On the occasion of this important anniversary, Amazon offers for Today December 1, 2016 22 titles starting from 0.99 EUR while from tomorrow until December 2 to December 4 you can buy from Amazon Publishing titles (the publisher of Amazon) to a discount .

Finally, a small gem. You want to know what was the first Italian eBook sold on the Kindle Store? The World as Will and Representation of Arthur Schopenhauer .

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