According to the latest estimates published by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI, retrieving Notes 7 will bring great benefits especially for Apple. The problems on drums “explosive” of this terminal is getting more and more customers to abandon Samsung.

With Samsung who has permanently deleted the production of Notes 7 customers who bought this smartphone must now choose a new device. Of course, Samsung is hoping that the choice falls on the Galaxy S7 or other smartphones of the company, but according to KGI will Apple and Huawei to benefit most from this situation.

For the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, from 5 to 7 million ex-Notes 7 users will choose the iPhone 7 with most of these people inclined to buy the Plus model thanks to its dual cameras. In fact, many customers have lost confidence in the Samsung brand and are therefore opting the idea to switch from Android to iOS.

In practice, about 12 million users who have already purchased or ordered the Notes 7, about 50% will buy an iPhone 7, while a good 30% will choose Huawei devices. To benefit from this situation will be even Google with the new Pixel, that thanks to the Notes 7 problems could sell more than expected.