The early death of the Galaxy Note 7 could lead to unexpected outcomes, at least in terms of competition. Although in recent days the various analysts have seen in competitor Android the biggest recipient of Samsung orphans, from KGI comes a study in contrast: one related to iPhone 7 . According to Ming-Chi Kuo, always very reliable on behalf of the bitten apple, could even be from 5 to 7 million users ready to move from Notes 7 to the newborn in the house of Cupertino.

Of course, Kuo believes that competitor Android are the ones most prone to big gains by failings Samsung particularly Huawei. Yet, that is the first analysis of KGI ready to outline such a broad range for the group of Cupertino.

Although the technical characteristics of the Notes 7 and iPhone 7 are quite different, to attract ex-Samsung users could be dual camera of the Plus version: a feature, this’ last, that seems to be getting positive reviews from several fronts, in given in the absence of bokeh and portrait mode with iOS 10.1. Will be from 5 to 7 million, according to Kuo, the possible switcher conquered from Cupertino, a figure that could also be helpful to the recovery in market share.

According to the analyst, of the 12 million orders for the notes 7, 50% will be recovered from other producers in the market. In pole position just Apple and Huawei, while few chances might have new Pixel Google, since at the time they would have exhausted stocks and Big G, therefore, could not guarantee a supply fast enough.

To understand what actually will be the outcome of the withdrawal of Samsung, however, we have to wait a few more months. On the front of the bitten apple, the data that will be announced in late October will only concern the very first round of sales in September, when the Notes 7 problems were not yet fully emerged. You will then need to wait for the results of Q1, possibly presented in the month of January 2017 .