Keyboards and-ink for Mac the rumor is consolidated. It is of last week the news of the possible implementation, by 2018, of keyboards and-ink for future laptops and desktops targati bitten apple. Now receive further confirmations, reported by the Wall Street Journal, about a possible agreement between Sonder Design and Cupertino. Neither company into play, however, seems to confirm a possible acquisition or partnership.

For some time Sonder Design is developing an e-ink keyboard: the keys, instead of bringing the individual letters in silkscreen, see the inclusion of a display, so that each press will always be customizable by the user. It seems that Apple has been pleasantly surprised by this invention and, therefore, would begin preliminary contacts to turn the prototypes into a mature technology, to be included in future Macs.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Tim Cook would have already launched a plan of cooperation, including both Sonder that Foxconn the latter the historical partners of Cupertino for the production . Meanwhile, the potential applications for this technology seem to be the most diverse: the US magazine speaks of buttons that can show letters or emoji if necessary, but the individual buttons can be managed fully user, such as by setting specific functions for the most used software. Not least, such a system would allow Apple to avoid the production of localized keyboards: a single global model, able to adapt to every local need with just one click.

As already mentioned, the first models equipped with keypad and-ink should not see the light before 2018, however, a small preview may already reach the next October 27 at the launch of the new MacBook Pro . These, in fact, will probably have a OLED touchscreen bar, replacing the function keys, fully customizable according to the user’s needs. Just have to wait, therefore, ads next week.