Keanu Reeves creates motobikes using virtual reality (video)


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 Legendary Keanu Reeves embodies the "Matrix" in life. In his car workshop, a popular actor, using virtual reality technology, is engaged in the development of super-modern bikes. In partnership with friend Gard Hollinger Keanu comes up with models for very wealthy lovers of fast driving. Designing at the level of three-dimensional modeling is carried out using HTC's VR helmet. The actor looks at it prototypes of future bikes and makes the necessary adjustments to the design. While friends are working on Arch 143, which is positioned as an ultra-exclusive model. In total it is planned to create 23 copies of motorcycles, their release will take place in 2018. How much each will cost is unknown. However, given that the price of the most simple bike from the workshop of the Arch Motorcycle is 78 thousand dollars, you can not count on cheapness. Source:
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