Kayak: travel the world spending as little as possible #DicaDeApp


The tip the app today, we will show you a website and app that helps you to travel anywhere in the world, spending as little as possible on airfare, lodging, car rentals and even tour packages. Meet the Kayak.

Designed to offer a search engine for flights and hotels in one place, Kayak is one of the best applications for those who want to find the best stay and make the best trip. With the app, you can track the weather at the location to which you are going to travel, as well as various information about hotels and airline tickets.

The application allows you to make a detailed survey of the city’s hotels is their fate, including data such as number of guests, number of rooms and the period available for lodging. Furthermore, you can compare what each property offers to visitors, such as parking, gym, swimming pool, Internet among others.

Kayak also offers an alert price for you to be informed of any value change to the destinations and dates you are interested in traveling. This way, you will have great chances to save before making a reservation. flights and hotels sharing options are also available in the application, including sending information by e-mail.

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