The America’s most famous family arrives on the viewers for virtual reality, thanks to a collaboration between Google and Fox. Collaboration also accompanied by a fun comment Homer Simpson
Initially we had some doubts about the possibility of working with Google, because we did not know who they were, but then we Googled the company and we were really impressed.”

On the occasion of 600th episode of The Simpsons dedicated to the special Halloween “Treehouse of Horror XXVII” the famous Home of the couch gag has been transformed into a nice 360-degree video entitled “Planet of the Couches” in homage to the famous saga of “Planet of the apes “. For the occasion, in addition, Google has created special Cardboard, limited edition, with the faces of various characters from the TV series.

The short is already available free of charge in Italy through the app Google Spotlight Stories for iOS devices Android. It is a platform developed by Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects Group) that lets you explore an original and innovative way various stories (animated films, but also science fiction) to 360 degrees.