Journey Through the Ages in the cinematic trailer for the release of Civilization VI


This coming Friday, 21 October, in all countries will release one of the most anticipated games of this autumn – a global turn-based strategy Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. On the eve of the premiere publisher 2K Games has published on YouTube-channel series cinematic trailer. In the video on the example of one family displayed a few centuries of human history.

The trailer begins with the fact that the hero, who is voiced by the famous British actor Sean Bean (Sean Bean), and his wife makes his route on the Greek ship. After that show characters journey through the ages, which ends with the flight into space. The roller is accompanied by the title theme song game – Sogno di Volare ( «The dream of flight”) by American composer Christopher Tin (Christopher Tin), in 2011 received a “Grammy” award for the song Baba Yetu, written for Civilization IV .

Civilization VI already available to pre-load in Steam for all those who pre-order ( for early purchase additional users rely nation – the Aztecs – that the other owners of the game will receive a free 90 days after release). For its installation requires 12 GB of hard disk space. In the game topped the list of best-selling digital store last week, ahead of the Shadow Warrior 2 by Mafia 3 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and now still holds the top spot


Civilization VI was announced in May of this year. The game is developed by the same team Firaxis Games, which created additions to Civilization V. In accordance with rule Sid Meier, according to which the ratio of old, new and enhanced gameplay features should be 33/33/33, the developers have taken as a basis for Civilization V, modified the existing possibilities (for example, now some city improvements placed on the cells within the boundaries of the city, and the tree of the technological development of more flexible) and added innovations. One of the innovations will be several leaders of one nation : it is known that at least Greece will alternate governor – Spartan queen Gorgo


Over the past six months Civilization VI managed to get a number of prestigious prizes. E3 Game Critics Awards jury noted her the title of “Best game for the PC,” and “best strategy”. The second of these titles, she also received at Gamescom 2016.

Civilization VI created exclusively for the PC (Windows, macOS and Linux). In the Russian segment of the Steam game will be available on October 21 at 2:00 am Moscow time . In Russia the game will release the company “SoftKlab” with a full translation into Russian.


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