What Dodocool is an adapter to connect any headset with 3.5 mm jack cable to the new iPhone 7 by Lightning: with bass boost system, you pay 24,99 euro discount

If you are looking for an accessory to connect your wired headset to the new iPhone 7:07 Plus and will give you that extra edge over Apple adapter jack-Lightning, take a look at the solution Dodocool , with bass boost and current discount 24.99 euro, shipping included, thanks to our code.

This product, as mentioned, allows you to connect any wired headset with 3.5 mm jack plug for iPhone and iPad through the Apple Lightning plug. And 'MFI, then certified by Apple to work even following future software updates, and respect the included adapter of the new iPhone, first provides some buttons to manage music playback without having to interact well with the phone's display, we might as leaving in his coat pocket.

in addition to this incorporates a dedicated button amplification of low frequencies: with a click you can then give more boost to the songs that need it most, especially during sports training when you want to give the charge.

This adapter costs 34 euro. With the code 1MACITY2 however you can buy it at discount 24.99 euro and shipping is included.

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