It became known cost smartphone Meizu M5 Note


the Meizu company on December 6 planned official premiere smartphone M5 Note. In general, we already know and how looks like a smartphone, and the main characteristics of but now the network has information about the cost of the device.

One of the users of the social network Weibo posted photos of confidential correspondence, in which appears the price of the basic version of the smartphone M5 Note – with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal flash memory. For such a modification of the device in China asked 999 yuan, equivalent to about $ 145. Interestingly, the letter mentioned another version of the smartphone, M5 Note Metal. It will cost $ 15 and will offer 2.5 GB of RAM. Perhaps more affordable housing M5 Note will be made of polycarbonate, whereas M5 Note Metal housing would metal.

Unfortunately, the details on this end, so long as there is no data on how many will be other options Meizu M5 Note – with large amounts of RAM and flash memory.

Source: MobiPicker

the Meizu

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