in small packages there good wine, you know, everyone says so for hundreds of years and it’s hard to go against this popular saying. The problem is that today, in the smartphone arena, the small packages there are so few good wine is likely to be a rarity. Fortunately both Android users, both those iOS, have two good alternatives to choose without giving almost nothing: iPhone SE and Xperia X Compact.

So today it comparison iPhone SE and X Compact or perhaps I should say the two worlds: iOS and Android. An analysis of the two products, more than hardware differences, which of course there are, are more the different approaches that make a product better than another and the ecosystem, never as in this case, is the needle of the real scale .

comparing iPhone SE with X Compact not comparing just two devices, but takes into account the different approach that the user has with the two software ecosystems: Better Android or iOS?

a question that is impossible to answer because there is simply better. Both products are pleasant to use, complete with excellent cameras, pocket and with a very good construction that makes them desirable equally.

iPhone SE Apple iPhone SE 58.6 x 123.8 x 7.6 mm
4 inches – 1136×640 px Sony Xperia X Compact 65 x 129 x 9.5 mm
4.6 inches – 1280×720 px Click here for the full comparison ” Xperia x Compact

Twin hardware Xperia X is the best compact made by Sony since it began to invest in this product range. Not only it is dimensionally small, but it is also well-built and offers a truly excellent balance between hardware and software. Having tried all the X series, we can say that the Compact is better engineered, which has no heat problems (even on XZ unfortunately) and it delivers pretty much the same experience of use of the most powerful brothers. Well even the autonomy but also not happy here two choices.

fact disappears IP certification and its black color is extremely prone to scratches, even visible, with an usage of a few days. Android still little custom, the Sony implementations and a great photo department with advanced manual settings, do not do certainly regret iPhone SE. Indeed, the fingerprint reader is perhaps even more comfortable and better associated with the double tap to turn on or turn off the display.

Choose Which?

Now which one to choose between the two models? Indeed, we turn the question, which would you choose if you had to choose one of two smartphones?

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