iPhone iOS 10.0.3 7:07 Plus: the new upgrade



10.0.3 iOS iPhone 7:07 Plus: the new update




Apple released a few hours 10.0.3 iOS iPhone 7:07 Plus . Upgrading the operating system is therefore only for the last device placed on the market and does not affect the others, which currently run on iOS 10.0.2.

Apple released iOS for iPhone 10.0.3 7:07 Plus to solve a particular bugs that some users caused a temporary loss of telephone signal . In addition to this problem, the latest update of the iPhone operating system should also fix a number of minor bugs but Apple would not specify.

iOS 10.0.3 is the second update that Apple is forced to release to solve the phone coverage problems. After the release of iOS 10, in fact, some American operators pointed out that the iPhone 6 and SE lost the signal. A situation that had prompted the company to run for cover.

Currently iOS 10.0.3 has been able to bring on iPhone 7:07 Plus the same safety standards at the time of his release could guarantee iOS 10.0.1 according to the statement from Apple.

Updates for owners of iPhone 7:07 Plus seem not finished though. It seems that by the end of this year may reach a new update able to add many new features. Highly anticipated, for example, the Portrait Mode. The update, currently in beta so should not miss that much to its official release.