They are becoming more insistent rumors about the next iPhone, in particular on its display. In recent months much has been said about the potential of the iPhone news 8 (yes, it seems that iPhone 7S is “skipped”), but the news today – reported by the Wall Street Journal – for the display: according to the newspaper, in fact, the colossus Cupertino would be working on several prototypes with glass shell, wireless charging and, especially, curved screen OLED . This would, in practice, such a display, at least in appearance, to the one proposed by Samsung in Edge variants of its latest top of the range smartphone. Apple is still considering this type of display and has already asked the first prototypes to various manufacturers including Samsung, LG Display, Foxconn-Sharp and Japan Display.

Always according to the Wall Street Journal, in addition, the introduction of organic technology on the next Apple smartphone could lead to a price increase due to more expensive production processes of OLEDs (something like $ 50 for each unit). The introduction of this technology will involve, in addition, huge investments for the manufacturers of these screens; Sharp, for example would have to spend more than $ 5 billion to develop the technology and production processes needed to Apple. A Cupertino WOULD still considering various options: according to KGI Securities in fact, Apple is thinking of a line-up with three different iPhone 8 with 5.2 “OLED screen, 4.7 and 5.5-inch LCD.