iPhone 7 Jet Black: 15-meter drop test with drone! –



The poor iPhone 7 Jet Black had left us a little ‘with a bitter taste. After passing (with a few scratches too) I scratch test the most desired gloss black model of the iPhone 7 has been subjected to our drop test in which, while not breaking, presented a problem with the screen. Surprised and yet unsatisfied by this result, we wanted to test the device in a new drop test … from the air!

We had to drop the iPhone 7 Jet Black as well 15m tall. With the boys of PhoneRepair.it we put the device on a drone, and we are equipped with 5 cameras to watch live the last moments of the beautiful Apple smartphone life. The impact was fatal, and of course the device, in addition to shattering, has not shown signs of life (sigh!).

Thanks to this fall from 15 meters – and its effects – we can show you some of the iPhone 7. Very nice interior details the front camera. Did you ever seen her?

Also interesting is the Home key which, although no longer a physical button, remains separated from the rest of the front panel and also seems to resist better than glass. Let us recall that Apple has confirmed that this button is covered with sapphire crystal.


Not a bad camera: the glass remained intact after our tests (it is not broken and has not scratched), while on the edge of the signs have appeared rather obvious after the last drop extreme test.


Test extremes aside, we draw conclusions on resistance of this iPhone 7 Jet Black: are easily formed scratches? “Ni”. In the sense that the scratches are formed as are formed on any iPhone, but being the Jet Black Glossy, on this device are definitely emphasized and you notice a lot more against the light. At a distance or without direct light that hits the phone, they do not notice much.


The screen is fragile (and this question applies to all iPhone 7)? No, not at all. It remains to understand why it formed the deep scratch, but in the drop test, the phone has proven to withstand very well, almost on par with the iPhone 6, which is the only one to have survived to our test. And the back? Scratches aside, solidissismo!

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