According to various experts, the Galaxy Note 7 would be less efficient than the iPhone 6S released it a year ago. Back on the comparison carried out by testers PhoneBuff to C4ETech and JerryRigEverything.


The Galaxy Note 7 would be less efficient than the iPhone 6S!

With a score of 4/10 for repairability and less scratch resistant screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would also be less efficient than the iPhone 6S according to various experts tested the two smartphone models. rapid tests are also final. After running several applications at the same time, the Galaxy Note 7 would be much slower than the iPhone 6S. Recall that the Galaxy Note 7 has made a very good first impression upon its release, but the comparative tests show that it would be less reactive than other models, older.

Galaxy Note 7 (3)

on paper, the Galaxy Note 7 is better equipped

on paper, the Galaxy Note 7 is the smartphone of superlatives, but in practice, following numerous tests carried out, we note that the iPhone 6S wins victory. And the brand smartphone Apple has been marketed there one year. Formalized during the conference Unpacked 2016, the Galaxy Note 7 of the South Korean giant Samsung has a touch screen Super AMOLED Quad HD 5.7 “, compatible for the first time with HDR technology. Under the hood, the Galaxy Note is powered by a 7 octo-core Exynos 8890 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM. Side look, there are of course some kinship with the Galaxy S7, plus a USB Type-C at the bottom of the unit and an internal memory of 64 GB.


the iPhone 6S is about improving the iPhone 6, with a new 12-megapixel camera sensor that will allow to shoot in 4K Ultra HD, but also a new 3D Touch technology at the screen. It features a dual-core A9 processor, clocked at 1.8 GHz, supported by 2GB of RAM and a display resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. It also has a specially dedicated platform, while the Galaxy Note 7 comes with Android, which also operates in other terminals. During various tests carried out, experts have shown that the iPhone 6S is more reactive than the Samsung smartphone. At the hardware level, the Note 7 looks better but tests have shown otherwise.

The iPhone 6S is more efficient

Tests were carried out by experts PhoneBuff and to show that launching applications in two loops with the calculation of a time lapse, the Galaxy Note 7 is delayed from the first test and the test will end in 2 minutes 49 seconds against 2 minutes 4 seconds to the iPhone 6S. A second test by C4ETech shows that the iPhone 6S is faster launching applications, including games. The brand smartphone Apple dominates that of Samsung on all tests performed. Details also that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 operates on Android 6.0.1 and not Android Nougat, while the iPhone 6S running the latest iOS 9.3.4. Finally, JerryRigEverything testers showed that the sustainability of the Galaxy Nite 7 screen protected by Gorilla Glass glass 5 does not display results as good than hoped, as shown in the video below.