ARTICLE SPONSORED – Here comes the new offer Businessbrand : iPhone 6 Plus without Touch ID, regenerated as A ++, at the best prices in the 16 and 64 GB configurations.

Not only iPhone 7: with the presentation of the new Apple smartphone, the previous models remain very attractive and made no small feat, even more affordable on the market. So why not give yourself the ability to leverage a powerful iPhone 6 maybe by Reduced cost and regenerated and guaranteed? Businessbrand an online store since 2008, has launched a new proposal for all fans of the bitten apple, while desiring the iPhone’s versatility, not wanting to spend too high figures.

is a great innovation, the one proposed by Businessbrand for all users: from now, it will be possible to purchase a iPhone 6 Plus regenerated the quality A ++ variations in storage from 16 and 64 GB. An acronym, that the A ++, which certifies as regenerated proposed are the best available on the market, both from an aesthetic point of view of functionality.

The presented smartphone, however, are not equipped with the fingerprinting Touch ID . Why? The devices offered have been previously returned to the presence of a defective Touch ID. The key Home was then completely replaced, but the Touch ID function can not be reversed, because the latter only works in associated to the original button that is matched by Apple at the factory level to smartphones. It should however be emphasized that all the other features of the device are fully operational and certified, with a release that will be through the secret code that the user will decide to associate with your iPhone, instead of the fingerprint scan.


Thanks to the quality A ++, smartphones offered by Businnessbrand are delivered at their highest in aesthetic condition, with no signs of wear and scratch . All in the three colors provided by Apple: the sidereal gray l ‘ silver and the’ gold .

I prices as already announced, are really attractive and affordable for all budgets: iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB, in fact, it is available at 369 EUR while version 64 to 419 EUR . A low cost made possible by the new formula “handset only”, which allows you to purchase your iPhone without the original box or accessory. If these were still desired, you can add 15 € for the package, 5 euro for the headset compatibility or 20 for the original ones.

For those looking for an extended support also Businessbrand offers the opportunity to extend guarantee for another 12 months, with only 49 euro more. completely customized and personalized offer, within the corporate payoff “ Tailored Your Phone “, that allows the consumer to save money by excluding accessories and services that are not considered immediately necessary.

Businessbrand, a shop with operating base in Assisi also offers customers numerous information channels, where you can learn every detail about the device for sale. In addition to the official website, in fact, there is a YouTube channel full of demonstration videos, as well as a Facebook page and an account Instagram . For maximum transparency with users, finally, the official website implements the feedback Feedaty service, so that each customer can test the quality and professionalism of the service, provided by the other buyers experiences.

Since this week, finally, as a result of the many requests, the store has also restored the ability to buy iPhone 5s 16GB option with or without optional fingerprint scanner (touch iD) all from 199 € more in grade A ++ and available in 3 colors Gold, Silver and Grey.