he returns to talk about the new iPad Pro renewed tablet that Apple may introduce in the spring. As emerged in recent weeks, the group of Cupertino would intentions to launch a new model alongside the traditional 9.7 and 12.9 inches: a 10.5 or 10.9-inch tablet, supplemented by an edge-to-screen edge. Today, however, emerges an interesting new feature: the device could be totally free of the traditional key Home .

The news comes from Japan, more precisely from the reliable tested MacOtakara. As revealed, the new 10-inch tablet could not only see the introduction of a edge-to-edge screen and devoid of side frames, it would be the candidate chosen by Apple to bid farewell to the classic Home button. A choice, the latter, which may have allowed Apple to find alternative solutions for fingerprint scanning, considered as the sensor Touch ID is precisely included in the one button front of which the iPad are usually equipped.

In terms of Touch ID, did not reveal details of any kind, even a few months ago it appeared online a patent for the inclusion of a sensor for fingerprints directly in the display panel. It is not known if this technology is that you really see the light in the new iPad : alternative could be represented by a Touch ID on the rear bodywork, as well as with many Android smartphones.

Apparently, the new by 10.9-inch iPad Pro could see a form factor similar to the 9.7: the growth of the diagonal to the screen, in fact, do not pay a higher body. In addition, all models of the Pro line seems they will have an greater subtlety about 0:33 millimeters less than previous generations.

As already mentioned, the renewed line of Cupertino tablet could be presented in the spring, for an arrival in stores in March and April 2017. All that remains is to wait, therefore, to find out all the news now coming from the parts of Cupertino.