IoT: operators have a change of mind ahead


One of the themes that opened the programming Futurecom panels is one that is a possible future head pain for operators. The influx of data that Internet of things can bring the next few years will be a challenge for telecommunications companies. For many industry representatives, a mindset change is inevitable.

“Operators need to prepare massively to receive IoT in their networks. You will need to change mentalities, redesigning networks and backbones, and the government need to change the regulation of the sector,” shot Tarcisio Ribeiro, Global Sales VP and services Coriant, multinational solutions for data traffic.

According to several consulting firms, McKinsey Gartner, in a period of five years the connected devices park about 15 billion jump to more than 30 billion, producing a heavy data load for traditional infrastructure telecom.

For Juantxo Folch, director of the Spanish Everis IoT if the operators do not prepare for the wave that the Internet of Things will, networks of operators and quality of its services will become problems. “Currently, the greatest difficulty in smart cities projects we participate are still the networks,” Folch explained.

According to the European executive, operators will need to focus more on the delivery of its services beyond the physical investment than simply focus on infrastructure. This would involve developing agreements between the operators themselves to create a band own and shared for IoT, for example.

“Networks 4G and 3G today will not serve to the number of sensors and devices that will come with the Internet of Things “Folch shot.

Despite the challenge, operators can see the entrance of the IoT as a great opportunity to increase your business value. Who points this out is AndrĂ© Ituassu, director of networks and systems Hi. “IoT will be a new market where repensaremos our systems, processes and go to market. We will have to think less as carriers but as providers of simplified services such as Uber one, “said the executive.

In Ituassu view, the first challenge will be the cost, as the infrastructure investments will be inevitable. However, efforts such as the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) to define patterns for IoT will be important. However, long-term challenge – and change – will be much deeper, and a tram that operators can not miss


“We have lost the wave of innovation that came with the Otts as Netflix and Uber, who are now earning over our networks. Meanwhile, we continue selling bits bytes but to monetize the Internet of Things, we have to change that, “finished Ituassu.

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