iOS is as vulnerable as Android, Microsoft says


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Quick Reply: which mobile operating system is more secure market? Chances are that you have answered iOS. The idea that the Apple OS is more secure than Google Green Robot is diluted common sense and even those who never used it is likely to make such a statement. However, Brad Anderson, vice president of Microsoft’s mobile sector, things are not quite right and iOS is equally or more vulnerable than the Android .

In an extensive publication in blog mobility and enterprise security the Redmond company, Anderson alert everyone about this new reality and supports their arguments on newly discovered security flaws that affect the mobile system Apple. Lookout discovered by digital security firm, malicious software is considered the most persistent and sophisticated that exists today for iOS, endangering all who have not updated their iPhones and iPads to the latest version.

For him, the virtual plague is the perfect example that there is no superiority among mobile OSes when it comes to security, and iOS is at least as vulnerable as Android. Therefore, users should treat the matter seriously, nonpartisan and without fanaticism. After all, all mobile devices, regardless of system are under constant attack.

“I am not accusing neither iOS nor Android anything, but we are facing a dilemma in this [de seguran├ža] perspective,” the executive in that publication. “The issue is that, today, there are threats that provide the realization of successful attacks regardless of the efforts employed by companies in the development of these platforms.”

In the end, the message that Anderson wants to get across is that there is no perfect operating system and all are susceptible to attack. In addition to the executive, the ideal would be that all assume a vulnerability posture and thus build defense mechanisms more efficient and effective.

Via Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog

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