IOS 11 beta 7 publish is already official. What's new?



Apple has just released the seventh public beta of iOS 11 for testing purposes. This beta comes out just three hours later than the developer octave and we have echoed it immediately.

iOS 11 brings a lot of design changes, including a customizable Control Center and a new Lock screen merged with the Notification Center. Apple peer-to-peer payments would be coming to Messaging app, which would also be enhanced with a new application pack and there's a Do Not Disturb feature while Driving, which is designed to help drivers stay focused. Siri, Photos, Camera app and are gaining new features and improvements.

ARKit for developers will bring a range of new applications and augmented reality games to iOS devices, and a new Core ML SDK will allow developers to create even smarter applications. IOS 11 is also the biggest update for the iPad, with a new Dock that introduces improvements in multitasking, a file application for better management, better support for Apple Pencil, an improved application changer and a Drag and drop for the entire system.

What's New?

This update brings minor changes and improvements to some bugs, its weight for an iPhone 7 Plus is less than 60 MB, so even if we do not see great changes at the aesthetic level yes there are internally, which is what really Interesting.

How to download the latest beta of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

To install Apple's public beta, you first need to enter your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into the program.

1) Enter the test web of Apple betas from the terminal you want to subscribe.

2) Press on Sign Up or Login, if you are already a member.

3) Enter your Apple ID

4) Accept the terms of use, read them if you want.

5) In the initial guide, scroll to the "Get started" or first steps area and press to register your device

6) In the "Your devices" screen, scroll down and click to download profile

7) Click on Allow.

Following these steps, you will already be subscribed to the program.

Installing the seventh public beta of iOS 11

After subscribing to Apple's public beta program, installing the seventh public beta of iOS 11 is as easy as upgrading your device as you often do.

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod simply go to Settings> General> Software updates and click on download and install to have your device updated with the latest beta.

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iOS 11 is available to both registered developers and public beta testers and will be released to the public in September along with the new iPhone. We are getting closer to the end of the beta testing process and should see a Golden Master candidate in about a week.

For full details on all the new features included in iOS 11, be sure to check out our extensive iOS 11 summary on iPadizate. Are you going to install it? Do you think we'll have the final version soon? Leave us your comments, we wait for you in the next post.


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