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A curious feature was noticed by an iPhone 7 user: it is an alternative to the device’s Home button, that if by chance come to break, have a virtual replacement. – detail, with all this being identified and diagnosed by the system

According to the user Mac Rumors, your iPhone 7 was defective and was off alone from time to time, out of nowhere. By connecting it back, he saw on the screen a system message saying “The Home button needs assistance” in addition to the already active virtual button on the device.

By making the device reboot again, the message disappeared, but within a short time the phone began to vibrate three or four times for each attempt to press the physical button. The user then hung up and turned it on again, until the physical button proved completely spoiled.

Well, it’s nothing new for users of iOS that every iPhone and iPad has this virtual little button for emergencies. What draws attention in this case is something that would be predictive, ie, it seems that Apple already knew that some evil contact or even total absence of function of hardware could occur and before the user stay with a phone completely inactive in hand, it would be immediately remedied with a message alert and a replacement feature.

Incidentally, with little time iPhone 7 in the market, hopefully this is just an isolated case of failure in hardware button. The message may be something unique to the new Apple smartphone, including related Taptic device Engine. Let’s wait to see if iPhone 8 will come even without the physical button or if Apple will resolve to leave this to the next version.

Source: Mac Rumors

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