Apple’s company released iOS update 10.0.3 for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This update addresses an important problem associated with the loss of cellular signal, which is found on new models of “apple” smartphone. This phenomenon recently complained to Verizon users, and T-Mobile. And if the first customers of the company just mentioned poor sound quality of the call, the users of T-Mobile earlier and did was recommended to refrain from making any updates due to extremely unstable level signal on the iPhone 7.

Apple iOS 10.0.3

at the same time for the registered developers and the public beta testers out iOS 10.1 beta 4. it continues the debug mode is entered before the portrait of shooting in the iPhone 7 Plus, and other functions.

Apple also released an update Classroom application that was corrected the problem with finding training Apple devices.

Source: 9to5mac .com