The company ESET announced the results of the study, during which studied the ratio of ordinary consumers to the concept of Internet of things (IoT).

The respondents, in particular, were asked to name familiar IoT-devices that interact with each other and the environment, and they are interested in “smart” gadgets and devices.

It was found that the most familiar to consumers, the IoT device is a smart TV, what was reported 71% of respondents. In 26% of respondents have game consoles with Internet access, and 22% bought wearable gadgets – “smart” watches, fitness trackers, etc.


The study showed that the new consumer IoT-products have good prospects for the mass market. The respondents admitted that they are interested in all kinds of solutions for “smart” home. Among them are called intelligent lighting control means (52%), security (49%) and climate control (42%).

In addition, the respondents are interested in the robot cleaner (34%), “smart” washing machines (30%), smart coffee machines (22%), and other machinery. Approximately 29% of respondents said they would not have given up the car with smart systems, and Internet connection.