Intel will introduce a budget version Kaby Lake with acceleration


Some resources already published a comprehensive overview of the Core i7-7700K processor Intel with architecture Kaby Lake as flagships always attract the main attention of the masses enthusiasts and observers or by crook trying to get a sample of the chip; Sometimes they do it, and the developer’s permission, and that without it, they publish the corresponding review long before the official announcement. According to the latest data, the first desktop Kaby Lake will be on sale before the New Year, but it’s not about them.

flagship model processors can afford not all, and then the course is well-known since the first Intel processor and AMD trick – dispersal of the less expensive models. On the platform LGA 1151 deal with this situation is not very good: Intel strongly recommended motherboard manufacturers not to sell chips overclocking support without the suffix K, and “Bus» Skylake accelerates extremely reluctant, and so on Kaby Lake should expect similar behavior. With the suffix to all is simple – acceleration is realized by increasing the unlocked multiplier, and has been known to i7-7700K overclocked to 5 GHz


But as it turned out, not all so sad situation and the budget price segment. Intel has decided to introduce processors with the suffix K is not only in the upper and middle price segments, but also in the lower traditionally occupied chips Core i3. Sample Core i3-7350K, carrying on board the two cores with support for Hyper-Threading and frequency formula 4,0 / 4,2 GHz showed in single-threaded and multi-threaded benchmarks Geekbench 5137 and 10,048 points respectively. Thus he has outstripped all models of Core i5, Core i5-6400 including its 3686 and 9982 points. The processor Intel Core i3-7350K is expected to be priced at $ 177, but it will show itself on the background of the younger AMD Zen SR3 (4 cores with support for SMT, ~ $ 180), we have yet to learn.


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