Although they seem to past years, the processors Intel Kaby Lake have been around for a couple of months. The Santa Clara company has officially introduced the Intel Core chip seventh generation at IFA 2016 in Berlin all dual-core models from 4.5 watts and 15 watts, targeted at ultra-thin laptops and ultrabooks, tablets, hybrid 2-in-1 convertible, but sometimes also used in Mini compact desktop PCs and low-power. You just think that were counted more than 100 designs of terminals in 2016 based processors Kaby Kaby Lake and Lake-Y-U in the consumer market.

But this is only the first step, because in the coming months Santa Clara complete migration to Kaby Lake, introducing other processors and in particular those with Intel vPro technology dedicated to the enterprise market for workstations, gaming notebook and desktop replacement, as well as desktop PCs, AIO and other high-performance systems. These are the families Kaby Lake-H (mobile), Kaby Lake-K (unlocked), Kaby Lake-S and Kaby Lake-T (desktop) with TDP up to 95W, which eventually will please those users who were waiting to renew your computer with a new, faster CPU.

Kaby Lake is the third generation of Intel-based manufacturing process processors 14 nm which interrupts the normal development cycle tick-tock replacing it with one that Santa Clara called “process -> architecture -> optimization “(where Kaby Lake is really the last stage). But what kind of optimization has been made? Intel highlights some improvements:

the new decoding capabilities to 10-bit HEVC offers smooth playback of premium content up to 4K UHD
the new VP9 decoding feature enables smooth and efficient content playback 4K UHD and 4K to 360 degrees during multitasking
ability to create, edit and share videos quickly and easily 4K UHD 360 ° 8 times faster than a PC five years ago
up to 9.5 hours of video playback 4K

The appointment therefore appears set for January to CES 2017 where probably we will see the new generation of Mini PC Intel NUC (Kaby Lake and Lake Kaby vPro) which will arrive on only the market for half of that year.

Meanwhile, some retailers have already published lists of the desktop processor, which not only give us the first information on pricing, offer us a preview of the CPU codes also: Intel Core i5-7400 will cost EUR 235, Core i5-7500 will be 253 euro, while the Core i5-7600 will be priced at 277 euro, the Core i5-7600K (unlocked) processor will cost 301 euro, the Core i7-7000 almost 390 Euros and finally the Core i7-7700K would have a price of 434 EUR.

“Acer Iconia Tab Iconia One 10 and 10 in Italian stores to 146 € and 224 €
DX30 Shuttle mini-PC with fanless Intel Lake Apollo ”