This evening will be held in Madrid Red Bull X Fighters 2016 on freestyle motocross event, within which Intel and Red Bull Media House company will be in a live report detailed information on all athletes performed tricks. The show will begin at 21:00 Moscow time and will be broadcast live on Red Bull TV channel, which can be viewed from virtually any device, including smart TVs, game consoles and mobile devices. Spectators and organizers of the tournament will be able to receive real-time information on the speed, duration, and jump height, as well as the duration of the coast.

Intel представляет новые технологии для спорта

The output of all the information in real-time has become possible due to established motorcycle boards Intel Curie, which transmit the collected sensor data wirelessly to the Intel Edison modules installed throughout the site. After that, all the information is processed on computers NUC. Together with video broadcasts, athletes will be able to understand what is to make changes to improve their results. Also, these data will allow viewers to immediately during the performance to see the differences between athletes who noted “by eye” is very difficult.

the Intel notes that new technologies are not only suitable for freestyle motocross, but also for a large number of other sports. The Intel Curie uses a unique method of analysis of patterns of movement, while the built-in micro-computer collects data on acceleration, altitude and GPS location in real time. These modules are able to immediately calculate statistics such as speed, height, number of revolutions and other

Features Intel Curie module:

  • 32-bit Intel Quark microcontroller with low power consumption; [
  • 80 KB of RAM the SRAM;
  • 384 KB flash memory;
  • energy-efficient integrated unit DSP sensors with proprietary accelerator mapping patterns;
  • Bluetooth LE module;
  • 6-axis sensor combined with the accelerometer and gyroscope;
  • battery charging circuit
  • 6-axis sensor combined with the accelerometer and gyroscope; circuit for recharging the battery.

Especially for the Red Bull X Fighters 2016, Intel and Red Bull tournament joined forces with German manufacturer compartmentalized Kinexon solutions to embed Intel Curie in compact devices with sensors, such as GPS, . compass and barometer, which are mounted on the costumes and the athletes on motorcycles