as expected, with the approaching launch of the processors Intel Core Kaby Lake family begin to arrive on the prime retail test specimens (no ES), first of all those related the qualities of overclocking. Obviously, the reference point is the top model, Core i7-7700K he arrived in the hands of the famous meter Zolkorn .

Zolkorn obviously wasted no time, starting to feel the chip’s capacity with air dissipation, at least that seems to emerge from the results.

The Core i7-7700K goes smoothly to a frequency of 4800/4900 MHz with a voltage of 1.26 / 1.29 Volt a good result if we think that this is not a screenshot of a simple but stability test carried out under Prime95 (excellent index CPU stability).

We did not quite understand what kind of heatsink has used the tester, however, we think of a cooler not original, probably a tower model with high-performance heat pipes. Obviously with the heat sink to the air temperature rises, the images read peaks close to 90 ° C, however good if we consider the frequency of stress is the software.