As small and underpowered, the Intel Compute Stick is a PC in every respect: just connect the key (a little larger than a common pendrive) to the TV’s HDMI port, insert the cable to feed and provide for its operating system (Windows, Android, Linux and others) on the big screen in the living room, on the studio monitor or an LCD panel in the store. Up to now, Santa Clara has released several Compute Stick models for each of its processors generations, from the most economical versions with the Intel Atom ( Bay Trail and Cherry Trail ) to the more expensive with Intel Core M (Skylake) but it would seem to be news in sight.

E3900 Atom, Atom and T5500 t5700 ). It is not clear therefore whether Santa Clara will use one of these chips for the next Compute Stick or has provided for a different processor.

For all we know, the Atom T-Series can be faster by 50% compared to the Atom (Cherry Trail), support video encoding / decoding 4K, width of higher memory bandwidth, but also almost double consumption, while Atom E Series have capabilities for automotive, video surveillance and IoT. Then Intel will position the next Compute Stick as devices for the public consumer / business, current processors do not seem very suitable, but if they are intended for commercial activities could be an excellent solution.

Source: Liliputing

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