Intel announces annual growth of 9% in revenue and hit record


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The Intel announced on Tuesday (18) your earnings for the fiscal quarter that was from July to September this year. According to the company, its revenue grew 9% year-on-year, while net profit rose 8.7%.

In figures, revenue jumped from $ 14.47 billion a year ago to $ 15.8 billion – an interesting increase in the face of relentless decline in sales of personal computers. Nevertheless, were the security sectors, data center and Internet of things responsible for pulling high. To get an idea, alone, data centers segment earned US $ 4.5 billion – up 13% in the year.

With regard to profits, the company said it valued its shares at 69 cents in the period, rising net income of US $ 3.1 billion to $ 3.38 billion this quarter – up 8 7%.

Despite the good numbers, the projections of the company are not the best. Currently, the chips that the company provides are still its largest source of revenue, but it has already initiated a strategy to cut this dependence and you want to lay off 12,000 employees by mid 2017.

Therefore, the expectation is that there are costs related to layoffs, which makes Intel project revenues between $ 15.2 billion and $ 16.2 billion for the fourth quarter of this year – that is, in the worst case scenario the company would no longer raise about US $ 600 million. Analysts, however, predict that revenues will reach US $ 15.9 billion.

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