Instagram reveals those spy photos and video


Instagram has integrated a new feature “anti spies” within its application. This is a function that automatically alert the user if someone will make one screenshots of a picture or video. To be highlighted immediately, however, that this security option is active only for photos and videos sent in a time of DM . As is known, the company network introduced some time a function that allows sending messages that self-destruct inside the DM. In other words, users can send a photo or video mini to a friend who then will self-destruct without a trace.

Some, however, might want to circumvent the spirit of this feature of Instagram by making a screenshot of the contents to save them on your device. To protect privacy users who would be “stealing” content that should self-destruct, the social network has integrated this feature that warns when the audition recipients to be clever by making a screenshot of the content. This is a feature borrowed from Snapchat where the tendency to copy without authorization the content posted by users is very high. The system works very simply. When the recipient of a message receives a message in time and try to make a screenshot, his mobile automatically ask him if he wants to share catch within a few present application. Instagram recognizes this step and sends a notification to the sender that was made a screenshot of its contents. Not only because the app tell exactly who was to make the capture of images and video, instead, they had to clear automatically.


The user, therefore, will know exactly who the “guilty” and may well act accordingly. This does not mean that someone can not capture images using other means such as a camera but at least it will be a deterrent to block too smart to know that at this point can be immediately detected.


Obviously, this privacy protection feature is only available for this particular type of messages and not for all the photos and videos shared within the social network.

it solalmente It is unclear, however, if this function is already available for all or only for a limited number of users. In this regard, Instagram has not yet issued any official statement.

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