The development of digital technologies, devices, and a variety of services not only gives us more opportunities in various spheres of life, but also creates new challenges, which previously were either not known at all, or were of a different nature.

is no secret that today’s teens sometimes just live on the web. They photographed and videotaped everything that is done and what is happening around them, are measured by the number of friends on Facebook and collect a variety of ways “like” where possible. The greatest climax this whole situation had reached the West, especially the US and Japan.

And this situation has led to the emergence of new problems. Often, children are literally addicted to all this activity on the web, on a digital display of “love”, the number of “likes” and other things. Children do not just get upset when their new photo does not collect comments and hearts, and empty into the shaped depression, do stupid things and sometimes even seriously harm themselves.

Instagram – one of the most popular social networks. And then the number of subscribers of the most “likes” – by and large the only indicators of user popularity. Apparently, the situation has become so serious that in Instagram, users can alert service that someone needs help. If the user suddenly saw the photo, which, as it seems to indicate that the author needs serious help, the user can send an anonymous notification. After that, the author of the photo will come a message asking for help. It will contain contact helpline service, which differ depending on the location, the proposal to send a message or call someone from friends and the opportunity to get advice and to contact support.

The same message with the same options will appear on the screen of the user who tries to enter into suspicious search queries, one way or another connected with the application of self-harm.

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