This seems a particularly eventful period for the Instagram team that, from a few months now, adds features eponymous social network of photos, sometimes even bit ' snaturandolo .

Today's news concerns the Live sent live on Stories those videos that, once the results, disappear and become untraceable. Starting from today you can decide to save a copy than live on your smartphone, as well as privately reliving those moments shared with social networks.

The implementation of the functionality is especially: a direct order a screen will ask if you want to save the video and if you respond yes it will be stored not on Instagram but rather in the internal memory of the device, without reference comments, compliments or spectators. You will then be stored a simple copy of the video, as if we had recorded with the camera application.

Saving the results is available on Android on the iPhone with the new version of the app 10:12 Instagram .

Meanwhile colleagues of AndroidPolice report that, well after the announcement a year, seems to have shared the gradual release of ' 2-factor authentication for Android smartphones. To check if you have also received the A2F you can just go inside of Instagram settings to the account .