The network over the past day: Meizu M5 Note in the case of plastic found on photographs; Uhans release a flagship with 4 GB of RAM; prepares Amazon’s Echo column with a 7-inch screen, 4.7-inch iPhone 8 will be supported by the wireless charging, the LG works

over the payment system for smart hours


Meizu M5 Note in the case of plastic shown in the photographs

As expected, M5 Note smartphone has not been announced at the last Meizu presentation. the unit will represent exactly one week later, on 6 December. Meanwhile, China came further confirmation of the existence of two different versions of the 5.5-inch device: for $ 145 in a polycarbonate housing and $ 160 from the metal with the speaker called Meizu M5 Note metal


from the viewpoint of device specifications are not much different from the Meizu M3 Note, however, cheaper version of the smartphone in a plastic housing will get 2.5 GB of RAM to 3 GB in a metal smartphone.

Uhans release flagship with 4 GB of RAM

recently, it was reported that before the end of the year in the sale will Uhans U300 smartphone with 5.5-inch Full HD-screen TV and a durable titanium alloy body. A distinctive feature of the smartphone will be an increased amount of RAM – 4 GB. This smartphone keeps in memory a few dozen applications that have been clearly demonstrated in video .

The front panel is covered with glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4, and installed inside the processor MediaTek MT6750. Built-in memory of 32 GB expandable with microSD cards. Unfortunately, the final cost has not been disclosed.

Amazon prepares Echo column with a 7-inch screen

The publication by Bloomberg said that the company intends to release a new Amazon wireless speakers with a voice assistant Alexa. The housing will increase in size, and on the top is installed touch screen 7-inch. The upper surface is slightly raised, so that users can see the information on the screen from any angle. It is also expected to have improved speakers. The device is scheduled for announcement at the beginning of next year. The cost will exceed $ 180, for which you can purchase the current version of Amazon Echo.

4.7-inch iPhone 8 will be supported by the wireless charging

As you know, next year, the new iPhone will be transformed and get a body of glass. Added premium model with a brand new OLED-TV. Earlier, an analyst at KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that all three iPhone 8 will have support for wireless charging, but this week it has come from a firm conclusion: a 4.7-inch smartphone really get that opportunity. The exclusive supplier of these models will be the company Pegatron, which will be engaged and integrated circuits necessary to design a smartphone.

It is possible that Apple is first to develop technology on a small number of smartphones, and only then implement it on a large scale. However, it is strange that high-end smart phones Apple will lose so user friendly features, and therefore are more likely 5.5-inch models will also support it. According to preliminary data, iPhone could debut 8 total circulation of 120-150 million units, which would be a new record for Apple.

LG is working on a payment system for smart hours

The South Korean company LG can release four more models of “smart” watches. This follows from registered trade marks that were found this week: LG Watch Style, LG Watch Force, LG Watch Pro and LG Watch Sole


In addition, the company received the right to use the trade brand LG Watch Pay, which may indicate the development of a mobile application for wireless payments. This is especially true against the backdrop of regular rumors about the new payment system from LG. It should make its debut in 2017. It is possible that the clock will be presented at CES or MWC 2017.