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A new report released by Anatel found that Brazilians are increasingly connected in the question band wide fixed. According to the agency, the country recorded 26.5 million hits in August 2016, reaching 163,086 new accesses, representing an increase of 0.62% over the previous month. Compared to August 2015, the broadband Fixed grew by almost 5%.

The data was released on Monday (17) on the website of Anatel and also showed that in the eighth month of the year, the Communication Service Media (SCM) was what more He said, marking presence in 38.94% of households with access to internet fast.

For more details on the survey information with respect to access Multimedia Communications, the agency offers spreadsheet categorized by company, business group, municipality, region, speed range, technology and unity of the federation.

You can see the full report and the density of the Multimedia Communications seviço in August clicking this link .

Source: Anatel Via IP News

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