The company Gaijin Entertainment announced to add a multiplayer online military shooter War Thunder support NVIDIA Ansel technology. Now gamers can capture panoramic screenshots from a 360-degree right from the epicenter of the battle. To do this, you will need only GeForce Experience application and graphics card that supports this technology.

Ansel allows you to stop time in the replay battle and take a screenshot from any point on the battlefield. For example, you can look down the barrel of the gun of an enemy tank or to see the world, standing at his fighter wing tip. It is noted that especially impressive screenshots will be taken to the coast or in a battle over the ocean, because, thanks to already integrated in the War Thunder NVIDIA WaveWorks technology, sea waves and reflections on the water look beautiful and realistic.

Moreover, Ansel can not only choose an interesting perspective, but also to process the image using the built-in filters or changing individual settings: brightness, contrast, and other sketch effect. You can also change the angle of view, and even create 3D-panoramas, which are then available for viewing on a smartphone or a virtual reality helmet.

On the occasion of such a pleasant innovation Gaijin Entertainment has launched a competition for users War Thunder, for a victory in which they can get a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti 1050 and 3000 gold eagles. To do this, you need to take a screenshot War Thunder using the above technologies, which will correspond to one of the two nominations ( “In the center of the battle” and “Great look!”) And post it on the social networks Tagged #ThisisWarThunder. Submissions will be accepted until December 11 inclusive.