Morgan Stanley experts estimate that the Pixel Google smartphones will bring the search giant about $ 3.8 billion in revenue in 2017. Calculations are based on the forecast that in the next year, Google will be able to realize 5-6 million smartphones.

The Bank also argues that before the end of this year, Google sells about 3 million new vehicles, which will bring the company about $ 2 billion.

Indicators can not be called spectacular, but considering that the current machines – the first-born of the family the Pixel, and even sold very cheap, even those sales volumes seem to be quite well


At the same time in terms of benefits phones Pixel supposedly losing the same iPhone because of the higher cost of materials. So, for Pixel value of the gross profit margin is 22-25%, while for the iPhone 7 figure stands at 41%, although it was equal to 57.7% in 2009.

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