In Star Conflict, a new class of spacecraft


Gaijin Entertainment Company and StarGem continue to develop and improve the multiplayer space shooter Star Conflict. Recently, developers reported to install the game on the servers of a large update 1.4.0 under the name Evolution.

With the release of this patch, the players intergalactic fleet replenished with the first ships of the project “Ellidium”. Their main feature is the flexible customization – change your ship at any time by selecting the best configuration for the upcoming battle. Each new vessel consists of two main parts: the cockpit, providing management, and the crystal mass is responsible for the ship’s unique abilities. Building on the last, you can choose spetsmodul, weapons, combat units, and modifiers. Cancel spent to improve or completely change the development path chosen by the vessel is capable of at any time.

The first in line was the percussive attack Thar’ga. For him are five modifications, all of which not only provides the ability to ship more, but significantly alters his appearance. Also, space Star Conflict Navy added two new ships rare: Jericho attack aircraft of the 10th grade and frigate Dart Empire 10th Gargoyle rank. Note that both the space ship, you can get up to January 17th.

In addition, gamers waiting for the new station “Ellidium Theta” rare and special resources xenocrysts that are needed for the evolution of ships.


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