In Space “Juno” apparatus observed with engine problems


The National Aeronautics and Space Exploration USA (NASA) reported that maneuver to withdraw the automatic interplanetary station “Juno» (Juno) is deposited on the science orbit.

“Juno” The device was launched in August 2011. The station is designed to study the magnetic field and the study of the atmosphere of Jupiter – the biggest planet of the solar system. In addition, the unit will collect data that will test the hypothesis about the presence of a solid core of Jupiter.

On July 4 this year, the spacecraft successfully entered orbit around the gas giant. Now one revolution around the planet takes 53.5 days. The scientific program includes 30 revolutions around Jupiter, each of which will hold 14 Earth days.

assumed that on October 19 will be given to the team of main engine “Juno” to go to the science orbit. But during the tests revealed problems with the operation of the valve system. They were open for a few seconds, but it took a few minutes. Now experts investigate the cause of this behavior of the unit. The next opportunity to transfer “Juno” in the scientific orbit will be on 11 December.

Note that the “Juno” will be the first device that made images of Jupiter’s north and south poles, and the second spacecraft, released to orbit the gas giant after the “Galileo”, who was in the orbit of the planet between 1995 and 2003.

In February 2018 the unit will be flattened out of orbit and sent into the atmosphere of the gas giant, which will cease to exist.


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