In Rwanda are often faced with the problem of rapid delivery of essential medicines to hospitals and blood located in remote areas. Roads are often blurred showers and hospitals are too small to have everything you need, you might need a doctor for treatment and immediate medical attention.

This problem of the Rwandan government is trying to solve with the help of the delivery of cargo drone program. As part of any of the 21 clinics, blood transfusion, located in the western part of the country, can send an email request to the delivery of blood. The request goes to the company for the manufacture of robotics Zipline in California, whose base is in Muhanga. Next, a small drone is sent to the destination with the “sending” that neatly folds down on a small height.

New Zip drones capable of carrying up to 1.5 kg of blood – enough to to save a person’s life – at a distance of 150 km. Currently Zipline service in Rwanda has 15 drones, which will make from 50 to 150 daily departures term. Each delivery should take up to 30 minutes. In the future, the government hopes to extend the schema and provide for the delivery of various types of medicines and life-saving vaccines. The next phase of the program will start in early 2017, when they start to carry out the delivery of blood to the eastern regions of the country.