According to the calculations of the analytical company Telecom Daily, in Russia the price of pay-TV services is the lowest among the twenty countries the highest GDP. In our country, the subscribers are spending on it an average of $ 2.49 per month, while in India, for example, the figure is $ 3.3. The most expensive premium channels costing US residents – average payment subscriber there is as much as $ 103.7 per month. Americans in this respect second only to Australians and Canadians, whose monthly cost of subscription payment on pay-TV are $ 67 and $ 66, respectively.

What caused such a low price of pay-TV in Russia? Experts explain this phenomenon by two factors. Firstly, this high level of competition between the operators in our market, in conditions where even a small increase in the cost of services provided by them can cause an outflow of users. Secondly, much of the content, which in other major developing and developed countries provide for the money, you can watch for free in Russia. For example, the number of federal public channels include those which broadcast the most sports rating, which can not be found, for example, in the United States.

According to the second quarter of 2016 in Russia the number of pay-TV subscribers exceeded 40 million, which is 4% more than in the same period last year, and the level of service penetration among the population reached 73 %.