WG Labs and NGD Studios released first addition to the space-based strategy Master of Orion . DLC, entitled “Vengeance Antares» (Revenge of Antares) can be purchased on Steam and GOG.com services at the price of 249 rubles.

“Revenge Antares” adds Master of Orion at once three new races: eleriantsev, gnolamov and trilliantsev. They are all available in one set, and, according to the authors, should make a significant variety in the game. Trilliantsy have a high life expectancy and hate war, but will bravely fight for what they believe in. Gnolamy are extremely lucky traders who thrive in wealth and luxury. Eleriantsy consider themselves clean and pure, and therefore afraid of the harmful influence of foreigners on their culture and stick to the traditional way of life, rejecting the achievements of modern science.

Also, with the release of amendments to the Master of Orion appeared and fourth new race antarantsy, but you can not play for it. She could only manage artificial intelligence. Representatives of this race have been created in the course of genetic experiments, and their distinguishing feature is the system of harsh military dictatorship.