The newly updated Google Maps service to version 9.39. Compared with the previous update, released update much easier, and improvements can be identified among the option of quick transition to the traffic display that allows you to get a more accurate picture of the traffic situation. In addition, references in the code found that in the maps can be viewed occupancy of a space in real time.

Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps

A few weeks ago, Google developers We added a new notification function that can notify the user about traffic jams and more to the point, as a car owner will leave the selected martshrutu. For added convenience, the new version of the map service provides an opportunity at any time to get back to the Traffic screen through the shortcut. Also, before going to a cafe or restaurant Google Maps will help to find out how visitors filled the place selected by the user. You can use a special scale.

Google Maps scale

Based on the most popular time of visiting cafes and restaurants, a scale shows the approximate load locations. However, this feature may not always provide the most accurate information and the reason for that can serve a variety of factors, ranging from all sorts of celebrations and events, ending traffic jams. That is why you need to have the latest relevant information, which can only be obtained in real time.

Google Maps scale

Confirmation of the fact that in Google Maps you can find out details about the occupancy of a particular place in real time, use the following line of code:

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