wants to give the Microsoft versions of the owners Gears of War 4 for the PC and Xbox One opportunity to play together, so from December 2 to 5, it will hold a special cross-platform test. The developers of The Coalition said that if everything goes according to plan, the opportunity to leave the game forever. Initially, the studio wanted to release two action functioned completely separately, but now it may change its decision. Recall that Gears of War 4 was one of the first games in the program Xbox Play Anywhere, which allows you to buy a project on one platform and then run it on Windows 10, and Xbox One.

“Cross-platform game divides the players in any competition experience, and of Gears of War 4 – not exception – wrote the public Relations manager The Coalition Ashley Liam (Liam Ashley). – From the outset, we have stated our intention to keep both platforms in non-cooperative game modes separately in order to maintain a competitive balance. Saving a fair competitive environment remains a major priority for us. “

The main problem of cross-platform multiplayer is that owners of Xbox One is played with a gamepad, while many use a PC keyboard and mouse. This is what causes inequality of opportunity: the mouse is much more accurate than any gamepad. The Coalition therefore decided to conduct a test to collect all the necessary data to it, and player reviews.

“What happens after that, we have not decided – Ashley wrote. – This weekend – extremely important first step in this process. When we use our data together, and your feedback, you will be able to competently perform the next step (or not – as the case goes). The key thing on which I would like to emphasize – is that we do not make any sudden changes, based on the weekend “