Touch iPhone home button 7 has received quite contradictory reviews. While the rejection of mechanics means that it is now in the smartphone one cracking of the element is less than, the new buttons are still have their own pitfalls. However, as it turned out, Apple’s came up with protection for those cases where the home button iPhone 7 ceases to function properly.

As one of the members MacRumors forums when touch home button stops working, 10 of iOS immediately offers her replacement in the form of a software button on the screen. The appearance of this key is preceded by a notice that the “home button may need servicing.”

iwayne / MacRumors Forums

In this case, it is not clear what caused the non-functional smart phone buttons, but inform the user that first notice came when he hooked up your iPhone to a charger. After restarting the smartphone problem disappeared, but later reappeared. Presumably, the error associated with the work of the mechanism of a tactile response Taptic Engine.

Here, in particular, it is interesting workaround, which gives Apple. He walks a lot of rumors that the iPhone in 2017 to get rid of the home button, and iPhone touch button 7 to prepare for the owners of smartphones from Apple. Program button, which appears at the bottom of the screen, very much like the existing for quite some time Assistive Touch feature that allows you to control the device using gestures. However, perhaps it is a button to be provided with the iPhone in the next year.

The fact that Apple has taken into account the possibility of a touch home button issues, encouraging – especially when you consider how often broke down the physical home button on the previous iPhone models