In Battlefield 1 will allow to play for pigeon


The owners of Battlefield 1, has already gained access to the game through the service EA Access, found in a shooter the opportunity to play for a pigeon . Spread your wings for a few minutes will allow gamers in the course of the mission “through the mud and the blood» (Through Mud and Blood).

You have a short time to become a bird, when the main character with the rest of the crew stuck in the crumpled tank. The only hope would be a homing pigeon, which is to deliver a message with your coordinates to headquarters. As soon as he shoots up, the player takes control and slowly fly to the positions of friendly forces, watching the battlefield from a bird’s flight.

Recall that in Battlefield 1 to mode “Military pigeons» (War Pigeons), in which the users will have to find on the map dovecote before the enemy, to take away from her the bird to a safe place, and then send this letter dove with coordinates for artillery shelling enemy positions.

Prior to the game have to wait at least a week. It goes on sale on October 21 in versions for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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