In 2017 on Canon of RAI will fall to EUR 90 from the current 100 euro. The news is contained in of 2017 Stability Law and the case of an important innovation because it goes to lighten one of the most hated taxes and processed by the Italians, that the possession of television. However, the “discount” is perhaps lower than expected because the Government, with the entry into force of the collecting system based on electric bills, had repeatedly said to aim at the target of 80 EUR.

However, 10 euro discount are still significant savings, especially considering that within three years the RAI fee increased from 136 Euros to 90 Euros. Probably, covering reasons for Stability Law and revenue somewhat ‘below expectations of toll collection in 2016 they have slowed the reduction of the tax. In 2017, therefore, the RAI fee will always smeared on a monthly basis within electricity bills . Starting in January 2017, Italians begin to pay the first installments for a total of 90 euro per year. The bills, as well, will be a little ‘less onerous than the current.


It is also recalled that at the time nothing changes in the regulation for the payment of the tax. So who is required to pay the tax in 2016 will have to do so in 2017 and who is within the exemption cases will continue not to pay it as long as you apply for exemption through a special form.


More information on the manner of payment and exemption can be found within the RAI site.