The German manufacturer of a class “lux» BMW car plans to release in the next , the new version of its electric car i3 with a higher mileage range on a single charge and a renewed design, told German weekly Welt am Sonntag, citing sources in the company.

REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

According to the informant, BMW intends to change the front and back of the body and set more capacious battery, which will significantly increase the driving range of electric compared to the current limit of 300 km.

The company in a hurry to accelerate the development of new electric vehicles, since, despite considerable investments in this direction, the sale of its electric vehicles is willing desired. The company last year managed to sell only 25 thousand. Pieces of electric vehicles the i3.

To help activate sales, the Bavarian company has increased this year, driving range of its city car BMW i3 and a half times. Since the summer, customers BMW i3 version was offered with a battery capacity of 94 Ah and power supply of 33 kWh, consisting of lithium-ion cells with higher density. When former scale battery power reserve has increased by 50% from 190 to 300 km.