According to a joint study of the payment system PayPal and Data Insight, in 2016 internet retailer -export from Russia will increase compared with the previous year by 32%, exceeding $ 2 billion. The growth rate of retail Internet and exports of goods and services from Russia almost twice as fast as the growth of the domestic online market. Its amount will be $ 20 billion this year.

The most popular among sold abroad goods and services are digital products and games (35% ), in the field of travel services – booking of hotels, tickets (26%), natural products (23%). Among the latter, the main categories of online exports are clothing and shoes, hand-made items, auto parts and electronics.

Most buy Russian goods and services in North America, where the largest volume of payments entered in this year (42.1%), Western Europe (30.8%) and Asia Pacific (12.2%). In particular, the most popular Russian products in the United States, Germany and the UK, demand in China is still small. 31% of respondents named the main difficulty in the online-export logistics, 27% – the language barrier, 25% – lack of confidence in counterparties, and 19% – difficulties in obtaining payments from abroad


The study involved 2.7 thousand. Online merchants, as well as the results of the expert interviews were used and their own PayPal data and Data Insight.