Today, October 18, 2016 that was conducted by the successful launch of rocket Antares- 230 RD-181 design and manufacture of “NPO Energomash named. ak. VPGlushko “as part of the first stage.

Recall that two years ago, in October 2014, just a few seconds after launch from the spaceport at Wallops Island (Virginia, USA) exploded rocket Antares. Then Cygnus cargo ship with more than two tons of cargo was lost to the International Space Station, and the launch pad was severely damaged due to the collapsed rubble. Then it was reported that the cause of the crash was the explosion of a rocket engine AJ-26, created on the basis of the Soviet NK-33 engine.

At this time, start-up was without problems. Start from the site was carried out Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at Wallops Island. RD-181 engines have worked in full compliance with the program of flight, and after 214 seconds was the separation of the first stage and the launcher. The cargo transport space ship Cygnus successfully launched.

It should be noted that the contract for the supply to the United States eight engines RD-181 was signed in December, 2014. Installing the RD-181 – a single-chamber liquid rocket engine cycle closed with afterburning of oxidizing generator gas. As fuel kerosene is used as oxidizer – liquid oxygen. The unit is designed and certified for use in a wide range of operating modes.