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Xiaomi has confirmed that the launch of the Mi Note 2 will take place on Tuesday, day 25. Still, rumors about the next top line Chinese manufacturer does not stop popping up in internet and the youngest of them came on the morning of Tuesday (18).

renderings leaked by Playfuldroid Twitter profile show that the high-end phablet will hit the market with curved display on both sides – a similar characteristic to the Galaxy S7 Edge of Samsung . In addition, the image also shows that the device will come with a dual camera system at the rear.

Renderização destaca o display do novo phablet da Xiaomi, semelhante ao empregado pela Samsung no Galaxy S7 Edge

Rendering highlights the display of the new phablet of Xiaomi, similar to that employed by Samsung in Galaxy S7 Edge, and dual camera system on the back (Playback: Playfuldroid)

Otherwise, the images do not reveal much except the visual that the Mi Note 2 will have. , It is speculated however, that the smartphone will display 5.7 inch, AMOLED will use technology and will feature 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The two main cameras have 12-megapixel resolution. Inside the housing, one Snapdragon 821 supposed to give power to fire the device, which will also feature 4 GB of RAM battery 4000 mAh and GPU Adreno 530. Finally, it will hit the shelves with two internal storage options: 32 GB and 64 GB.

Esta outra renderização nos dá uma noção da espessura do gadget que será lançado na próxima terça-feira, dia 25

This other rendering gives us a thickness of the notion of gadget that will be released next Tuesday, the 25th (Playback: Playfuldroid)

If all the rumors are true, the Mi Note 2 comes to compose the range of high-end devices Xiaomi, which last month launched the Mi 5s. Like its intermediate devices, the expectation is that the Mi Note 2 offer excellent specifications at a fair price. A pity that we will hardly see it here in Brazil.

Via Playfuldroid (Twitter)

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